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FIC REC TIME - BANDOM - one/two/threeshots
This is ridiculous. I can't believe I had to make three posts just for fic recs.

~ KPOP ~

~ Bandom - Chaptered and Crack ~

Panic!At The Disco (mostly just Ryden (Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie))


after i have dreamed by flimsy
Ryden / TwoShot / NC-17

All Along by softlyforgotten
Ryden / OneShot / G / highschool!AU

All I Want Is You Tonight by knownrendezvous
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / highschool!AU
Just because they're in a class together doesn't mean they have to like each other, right? It's exactly what Ryan thinks. But Brendon seems to think otherwise.

Apart by sateenmusta
Ryden / OneShot / PG / AU / angst

as dreamers do
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13

Baboons and the Quest for the last poptart by ivesia19
light Ryden / OneShot / PG-13

Bear by awakeunafraid
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / fluff

Because You Look Like A Jackass by piecesof_reeses
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / AU
Apartment AU! Basically: Brendon's just moved into town. He courts Ryan Ross with flowery words and also a coat rack. He falls flat on his face.

Behind The Curtain by incendiarywits
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13

Best Laid Plans by iamtheenemy_fic
Ryden / OneShot / NC-17
Brendon had a three-step plan to make Ryan Ross fall in love with him. He didn't write it down or anything (and if he did, the tiny, shredded pieces of paper were scattered across some highway between Wisconsin and Indiana, so no one could prove it), but it was a very specific plan.

Between A Hard Place And You
Ryden / OneShot / NC-17

Black and White Piano Keys by silver_etoile
Ryden / ThreeShot / PG-13 / college!AU
"You are the words to my music. You are the chorus to my melody. You are the beauty behind the beast."

Brendon Urie and the Pants Monster by jessobsess
Ryden / Joncer / OneShot / PG-13

Brendon Urie: Pet Detective by selectivelyurie
Ryden / ThreeShot / R / AU

Brendon Urie: President of the Pete Wentz Un-Fan Club by jessobsess
Ryden / Joncer / OneShot / PG

But in Time by ivesia19
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13

But Where Do The Nuns Come In? by lu_fics
Ryden / OneShot / R

By Small And Simple Things by selectivelyurie
Ryden / TwoShot / PG-13 / AU
And there’s no way that Skittle is currently hoisted above the head of a tiny little brown-haired man who is pressing the mouse away with his foot and shrieking in frantic whispers... No, it’s just not possible. Except it is.

By Super, I Mean You by arcticgrey
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13

Call It Home
Ryden / OneShot / NC-17
Ryan goes to pick up Brendon from the airport after they've been apart for two weeks. He's kind of neurotic and cranky about the whole thing. But since Brendon is always composed of one part perception, two parts patience, and three parts sunshine, it's all okay in the end (read: schmoop). Oh, and there might be some gratuitous sex, too.

came back with flags on coffins and said "we won"
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / fluff

Carnival (the Normal Kind With Rides, Not the Creepy Ye Olde Carnivale Kind) by jessobsess
Ryden / Joncer / OneShot / PG

Carving Out Our Names by cyclogenesis
Ryden / OneShot / NC-17
The road to Maryland is paved with good intentions.

Come What Sorrow Can by at_the_c_side
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13
Ryan hears it before he sees it. People bully Brendon. He doesn't want to be taken care of, but Ryan's not taking no for an answer.

The Complete Idiot's Guide To Life by silver_etoile
Ryden / OneShot / PG
When Jon got Brendon the second one, the rest of the band was ready to kill him.

Crumbs by awakeunafraid
Ryden / OneShot / PG / fluff

Dance Upon The Waves by ignipes
Ryden / TwoShot / PG-13 / pirate!AU
Brendon swears this is the last time he's going to take treasure-hunting advice from a giant turtle.

different mornings (it must not always be so; and i say) by preromantics
Ryden / OneShot / PG

Different Ways To Get To Where We Are by iamtheenemy
Ryden / ThreeShot / NC-17

The End Is Only The Beginning by unphoenix
Ryden / ThreeShot / R / AU

Every Speck of Dust Illuminated
Ryden / Joncer / ZBerg/Tennessee Thomas / OneShot / R / highschool!AU

Fighting Just To Breathe
Ryden / OneShot / NC-17 / college!AU

Five Times Ryan Tries To Propose (And The One Time He Does) by behindthec
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13

The Florist by flash_indie
Ryden / ThreeShot / PG / AU

For anyone, ever burned so bright by softlyforgotten
Ryden / OneShot / R

From Misery To Happiness Today by silver_etoile
Ryden / OneShot / R / AU

Get Back To Where You Once Belonged
Ryden / Joncer / OneShot / R / AU

Good Boys
Ryden / Something really long that doesn't have chapters / NC-17 / kindaAU?

he watches the ships that come sailing by savvygambols
Ryden / OneShot / R / pirate!AU

Hey There Jealousy by silver_etoile
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / highschool!AU
Ryan's new and he's stolen Spencer! Brendon must think of a way to get Spencer back, with Jon's help, of course.

If I Never Knew You by heartsdesire456
Ryden / TwoShot / R / AU
When Ryan Ross is sent to live with his aunt after his mom gets fed up with his behavior, he was pissed. He never expected to meet a boy who was so different that he could change Ryan's life forever.
Notes: not the most well-written fic, but it brought a tear to my eye.

it's a week before christmas and i meet you by knownrendezvous
Ryden / Joncer / OneShot / PG-15 / AU
It's a week before Christmas and Ryan meets Brendon for the first time.

It's Just Curiosity by selectivelyurie
Ryden / OneShot / R

Just One Of The Girls by skoosiepants
Ryden / TwoShot / PG-13 / highschool!AU
“Spence, I’m. Look, I’m going to prove this girl-thing to you, okay? I’m going to,” he held up his hands, “this is so brilliant, I’m going to become a girl.”

The Laundromat by silver_etoile
Ryden / Joncer / OneShot / PG-13 / AU
Ryan doesn't want to know the names of the people who come into the Laundromat. He doesn't want to know what makes Tattoo Guy talk to Guy Who Never Showers. He doesn't, but a new customer might just undermine all the work he's done to distance himself from the world.

Learning Curve by ivesia19
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / college!AU

Let Me Down, Charlie Brown or How Jon Walker Saved Christmas by silver_etoile
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / AU
Christmas time at the mall sucks, especially for those who work there. Brendon has given up on Christmas, Ryan is uptight, and Jon just wants to help.

Lines in the Sand by iamtheenemy_fic
Ryden / Joncer / TwoShot / R

Little Blue Fish by cest_what
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / AU

Ryden / Peterick / OneShot / NC-17 / highschool!AU

The Magical Quest of Finding The Most Glorious Christmas Tree by selectivelyurie
Ryden / OneShot / PG / fluff

Mouth To Mouth by selectivelyurie
Ryden / OneShot / R

Not Like Jason (Despite The Medea) by ivesia19
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / college!AU

Office of Love by cynicsandsaints
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / AU

Oh Doctor Doctor by softlyforgotten
Ryden / OneShot / NC-17 / hospital!AU
It was just that on his first day in the oncology department of the hospital six years ago, he'd been introduced to Dr Ryan Ross, Head Surgeon, and fallen stupidly and irrevocably in love with him, and that, apparently, was that.
Notes: I love love loveeeee this fic. It is brilliant.

The One Where Brendon Does Not Turn Into A Bunny
Ryden / OneShot / PG

Perfectly After All by awakeunafraid
Ryden / OneShot / NC-17 / the reinfareAU

Pete Wentz: The Drum Major From Hell by selectivelyurie
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / highschool!AU
Brendon comes into English class every day sweaty and gross from band practice.

Pink Glitter by ivesia19
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / AU
When Ryan’s father can’t make it to his daughter’s Parent’s Job Fair Day, Ryan, a struggling writer, fills in for him, only to find himself attracted to his sister’s kindergarten teacher.

Pink Hoodies, Rain, and Voldemort by jessobsess
Ryden / OneShot / PG / AU / FLUFFF

Pit Stop at IHOP by behindthec
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13

Pretty Ain't A Job
Ryden / slight Joncer / OneShot / PG-13 / AU

Ryden / OneShot / R

Reinvent Love ('Cause I Can't Get Enough Of Yours, Babe) by marksykins
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13

The Rift In The Lute by jocondite
Ryden / Joncer / R / coffeehouseAU

Romantic Rights by flash_indie
Ryden / OneShot / PG

Ryan Ross: Wedding Planner (What We Do Is Love) by adellyna
Ryden / Joncer / OneShot / R / AU
Ryan plans weddings! Just not gay weddings. Ok, maybe just this once.

Same Place, Same Time by ivesia19
Ryden / Merlin/Arthur (Merlin) / OneShot / R

The Scavenger Hunt by silver_etoile
Ryden / OneShot / PG

Second Sight by zarah5
Ryden / ThreeShot / NC-17 / AU

Serenade In Blue by softlyforgotten
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / highschool!AU

Spencer Smith Is Not A Vampire! ...Right? by ivesia19
Ryden / Joncer / OneShot / PG-13

Switch! by adellyna
Ryden / OneShot / PG / AU

There's A Bra In My Freezer by ivesia19
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13

There's A Good Reason The Victorians Were Fucked Up, Honey, You Just Haven't Realised It Yet
Ryden / OneShot / R

This Helpless Haze I'm In by ivesia19
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13

This is no time for bravery by imochan
Ryden / OneShot / PG

This One Time At Band Camp by faceoffamex
Ryden / TwoShot / NC-17 / AU
Brendon Urie is not the school super star. He's the geeky kid with a bad haircut and terrible taste in conversation. When summer comes around, his mother decides her son needs a new place to make friends and expand his musical talent. Upset and worried about messing up in front of his fellow classmen, Brendon endures a full two weeks of Band Camp under the watchful eyes of his section leader and cabin mate, Ryan Ross.

Tongue-Tied For You
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13

What Happens When Two Substances Collide by softlyforgotten
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / AU

Where The Termites Reign by silver_etoile
Ryden / Joncer / OneShot / PG-13 / AU
Ryan's house is under attack, by termites that is, and he needs someone to get rid of them...

wire from the box by goshemily
Ryden / OneShot / R
brendon does a shoot in an edgy magazine because of the new album.

The World On A String by silver_etoile
Ryden / Joncer / OneShot / PG-13 / recordstore!AU
Pete smiles. "Ryan thinks anyone who doesn’t know the difference between Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple deserves to die a horrible death. I wouldn’t be surprised that he thinks Brendon’s unworthy to press buttons on a register."

Years Before Important by jessobsess
Ryden / Joncer / OneShot / PG / kid!AU / highschool!AU

You Can't Judge A Book By It's Oddly Specific Call Number by ivesia19
Ryden / Joncer / TwoShot / PG-13 / AU
Library AU! The one where a cynical Ryan just may want a happy ending with the new Children’s Librarian, Spencer doesn’t want things to change – especially his card catalogue, and Gerard wants more than his books to be checked out.

you could by savvygambols
Ryden / OneShot / R / college!AU

You Gotta Dance With Who You Came With by arctic_grey
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / highschool!AU
Brendon forgot about the prom but decides that it’s a rite of passage he cannot miss, and Ryan acts like the bitch that he is, only not really.

You're Going To Recycle That, Right? by ivesia19
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13 / college!AU

FIC REC TIME - BANDOM - chaptered & crack
As I said, too many fics. Jesus christ.

Anyway, here you go. Bandom fic recs. Mostly just Ryden cause Panic! are the only band I haven't met so it hasn't gotten weird reading about them in compromising positions yet (UPDATE: Met Brendon and Dallon and Kenneth in February but can still strangely read most fics). (If you actually want to know who I've met, WELL, I suggest you check out my other journal sasaengsarah.)

Probably should also mention that I have a serious weakness for ryden high school AUs.


~ KPOP ~

~ Bandom - One/Two/ThreeShots ~

Panic!At The Disco (mostly just Ryden (Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie))


After all, you're my wonderwall
Ryden / NC-17 / highschool!AU

A Lover or a Friend, a Big Thing or a Small by knownrendezvous
Ryden / Brendon/Jon / Ryan/Tom / Pete/Ashlee / NC-17 / AU
Brendon Urie, famous solo artist, is finally working on his second album, but it's coming along a little slower than he'd hope. He can't help it—he has a son to take care of, someone who he puts in front of everything. When Pete, his boss, gets restless and demands he starts working on the album, he brings Brendon a lyricist to help him get it finished. As the work progresses, their friendship progresses—but what happens when feelings do the same? What's Brendon supposed to do when Ryan's off limits in more ways than one? And what about Brendon's own relationship with Jon? There's only so much temptation that can be held in.

Anyone Else But You by zarah5
Ryden / Joncer / R / college!AU
Panic never formed at high school. Instead, they meet at college, and in between striking up a friendship with his working colleague Spencer and trying to ensure that his roommate Jon doesn’t get sick of him, in between forming a band and writing songs, Brendon would really appreciate it if his bandmate (and Spencer’s best friend) Ryan Ross didn’t turn out to be Brendon’s TA. Especially considering their fling just before the start of the term.

Back To The Place by behindthec
Ryden / NC-17 / angst
Once upon a time, Panic went to a cabin in the mountains to write an album they never made. One night there, something happened that Ryan tried to forget. Two years later, he still hasn't.

The Black Rose Season by arctic_grey
Ryden / Joncer / NC-17 / college!AU
Ryan, an introverted English Lit student, is hired to hunt down a secret society, which might not even exist. Ryan is given only one clue: Brendon Urie. Ryan is putting his future, his dreams and, ultimately, his heart on the line.
Notes: this fic will break your heart. it is beautiful and magical, but it will break your heart. perfect reading if you're a masochist.

Bluebirds Fly by silver_etoile
Ryden / NC-17 / AU
The KATU news station is getting a new anchor. Resident meterologist, Brendon Urie, is beyond excited, but a new anchor is not all that is in store for the station.

Cicatrice by sateenmusta
Ryden / R / highschool!AU

The Clock Has Been Struck For Days by battie_hattie
Ryden / NC-17 / AU
Ryan Ross is a college student working at a women's clothing store. He lives with his roommate, Spencer Smith, another college student who works at a call center. One night, he has the mischance of falling, right into one Brendon Urie, a hairstylist from across the quad. Along with their mutual friend, Jon Walker from the card shop, a story of love ensues.

Coffee by myheartradio
Ryden / PG - NC-17 / AU

For Keeps
Ryden / R / highschool!AU

for other meanings of tsunami by jocondite
Ryden / NC-17

Grace Note by ivesia19
Ryden / NC-17 / AU
Ever since he got that letter seven years ago, Ryan’s life has been one dictated by routine. He visits his therapist, Gerard, twice a week; he writes small editorials for the music magazine he works for; and every time his mom’s name comes up on his cell phone, he sends her straight to voicemail. When he finally takes a chance, finally gets the opportunity to write a feature article for his magazine, something he’s been dreaming about, Ryan realizes that life is full of surprises, especially when he is assigned to find out why Brendon Urie, the lead singer of the popular “Industry of Being” , up and left his bandmates, apparently suffering from a manic episode.

The Heart Race of a Mouse by arctic_grey
Ryden / NC-17 / AU / angst
Notes: MUST-READ FIC OF THE FANDOM (OF LIFE). it's over 500k words though, fair warning. you will also never get over it. keep reading until the end though!! it's worth it!! i promise!!

Hold The Pose by zarah5
Ryden / Joncer / R / AU
In which Brendon cleans the apartment of published author Ryan Ross to finance his college studies, and Spencer opens up an Indian style café and hires Jon to brew his fair trade coffee.

how to kill a straight guy by xsamtasticx
Ryden / PG-15

The Impossible Is Possible by peopleexisting
Ryden / Joncer / NC-17 / highschool!AU
Brendon switches high schools to get away from the pressures of bullying, but he finds that his new school isn’t all that better. Not to mention that he’s soon thrown into the turbulent world of a violent, disturbed boy, named Ryan Ross.

In Case The Scene Gets Nasty by zarah5 and softlyforgotten
Ryden / NC-17 / highschool!AU
Better to take the long way home than not to arrive at all.
Notes: CLASSIC HIGHSCHOOL AU TO END ALL HIGHSCHOOL AUs. seriously, this fic. it's just basically perfection. two of my favourite authors as well.

Seasickness by peopleexisting
Ryden / Joncer / NC-17 / cruise!AU
A cruise ship is set to take the rich and famous around a few Caribbean islands. Ryan and Spencer work on the ship, tending to one of the filthy rich guests each -- and those particular filthy rich guests just happen to be Brendon and Jon.

The Storybook Hour
Ryden / Brencer / Joncer / R / AU / more of a series

Strictly Business by zarah5 - FIC MISSING - IF YOU HAVE INFO PLS COMMENT
Ryden / NC-17 / angst / romeo and juliet AU

Stutter Something Profound by swagneto
Ryden / R / highschool!AU

We'll Reinvent Love by livinglifeloud
Ryden / NC-17

CRACKCollapse )

I don't write (well, yet anyway) so I thought instead I'd share some of my favourite fics in case people decide to come across my LJ. If I do know you in real life, well, this may just be a little bit awkward.

This is really awkward (and I completely blame Shine) but I have too many ryden fics to post in the one post, so this one is for DBSK/kpop, and there will be a second part.

~ K-POP ~

ChapteredCollapse )

One/Two/ThreeShotsCollapse )

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One/Two/ThreeShotsCollapse )

~ BANDOM - chaptered & crack ~

~ BANDOM - One/Two/ThreeShots ~