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FIC REC TIME - BANDOM - chaptered & crack
As I said, too many fics. Jesus christ.

Anyway, here you go. Bandom fic recs. Mostly just Ryden cause Panic! are the only band I haven't met so it hasn't gotten weird reading about them in compromising positions yet (UPDATE: Met Brendon and Dallon and Kenneth in February but can still strangely read most fics). (If you actually want to know who I've met, WELL, I suggest you check out my other journal sasaengsarah.)

Probably should also mention that I have a serious weakness for ryden high school AUs.


~ KPOP ~

~ Bandom - One/Two/ThreeShots ~

Panic!At The Disco (mostly just Ryden (Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie))


After all, you're my wonderwall
Ryden / NC-17 / highschool!AU

A Lover or a Friend, a Big Thing or a Small by knownrendezvous
Ryden / Brendon/Jon / Ryan/Tom / Pete/Ashlee / NC-17 / AU
Brendon Urie, famous solo artist, is finally working on his second album, but it's coming along a little slower than he'd hope. He can't help it—he has a son to take care of, someone who he puts in front of everything. When Pete, his boss, gets restless and demands he starts working on the album, he brings Brendon a lyricist to help him get it finished. As the work progresses, their friendship progresses—but what happens when feelings do the same? What's Brendon supposed to do when Ryan's off limits in more ways than one? And what about Brendon's own relationship with Jon? There's only so much temptation that can be held in.

Anyone Else But You by zarah5
Ryden / Joncer / R / college!AU
Panic never formed at high school. Instead, they meet at college, and in between striking up a friendship with his working colleague Spencer and trying to ensure that his roommate Jon doesn’t get sick of him, in between forming a band and writing songs, Brendon would really appreciate it if his bandmate (and Spencer’s best friend) Ryan Ross didn’t turn out to be Brendon’s TA. Especially considering their fling just before the start of the term.

Back To The Place by behindthec
Ryden / NC-17 / angst
Once upon a time, Panic went to a cabin in the mountains to write an album they never made. One night there, something happened that Ryan tried to forget. Two years later, he still hasn't.

The Black Rose Season by arctic_grey
Ryden / Joncer / NC-17 / college!AU
Ryan, an introverted English Lit student, is hired to hunt down a secret society, which might not even exist. Ryan is given only one clue: Brendon Urie. Ryan is putting his future, his dreams and, ultimately, his heart on the line.
Notes: this fic will break your heart. it is beautiful and magical, but it will break your heart. perfect reading if you're a masochist.

Bluebirds Fly by silver_etoile
Ryden / NC-17 / AU
The KATU news station is getting a new anchor. Resident meterologist, Brendon Urie, is beyond excited, but a new anchor is not all that is in store for the station.

Cicatrice by sateenmusta
Ryden / R / highschool!AU

The Clock Has Been Struck For Days by battie_hattie
Ryden / NC-17 / AU
Ryan Ross is a college student working at a women's clothing store. He lives with his roommate, Spencer Smith, another college student who works at a call center. One night, he has the mischance of falling, right into one Brendon Urie, a hairstylist from across the quad. Along with their mutual friend, Jon Walker from the card shop, a story of love ensues.

Coffee by myheartradio
Ryden / PG - NC-17 / AU

For Keeps
Ryden / R / highschool!AU

for other meanings of tsunami by jocondite
Ryden / NC-17

Grace Note by ivesia19
Ryden / NC-17 / AU
Ever since he got that letter seven years ago, Ryan’s life has been one dictated by routine. He visits his therapist, Gerard, twice a week; he writes small editorials for the music magazine he works for; and every time his mom’s name comes up on his cell phone, he sends her straight to voicemail. When he finally takes a chance, finally gets the opportunity to write a feature article for his magazine, something he’s been dreaming about, Ryan realizes that life is full of surprises, especially when he is assigned to find out why Brendon Urie, the lead singer of the popular “Industry of Being” , up and left his bandmates, apparently suffering from a manic episode.

The Heart Race of a Mouse by arctic_grey
Ryden / NC-17 / AU / angst
Notes: MUST-READ FIC OF THE FANDOM (OF LIFE). it's over 500k words though, fair warning. you will also never get over it. keep reading until the end though!! it's worth it!! i promise!!

Hold The Pose by zarah5
Ryden / Joncer / R / AU
In which Brendon cleans the apartment of published author Ryan Ross to finance his college studies, and Spencer opens up an Indian style café and hires Jon to brew his fair trade coffee.

how to kill a straight guy by xsamtasticx
Ryden / PG-15

The Impossible Is Possible by peopleexisting
Ryden / Joncer / NC-17 / highschool!AU
Brendon switches high schools to get away from the pressures of bullying, but he finds that his new school isn’t all that better. Not to mention that he’s soon thrown into the turbulent world of a violent, disturbed boy, named Ryan Ross.

In Case The Scene Gets Nasty by zarah5 and softlyforgotten
Ryden / NC-17 / highschool!AU
Better to take the long way home than not to arrive at all.
Notes: CLASSIC HIGHSCHOOL AU TO END ALL HIGHSCHOOL AUs. seriously, this fic. it's just basically perfection. two of my favourite authors as well.

Seasickness by peopleexisting
Ryden / Joncer / NC-17 / cruise!AU
A cruise ship is set to take the rich and famous around a few Caribbean islands. Ryan and Spencer work on the ship, tending to one of the filthy rich guests each -- and those particular filthy rich guests just happen to be Brendon and Jon.

The Storybook Hour
Ryden / Brencer / Joncer / R / AU / more of a series

Strictly Business by zarah5 - FIC MISSING - IF YOU HAVE INFO PLS COMMENT
Ryden / NC-17 / angst / romeo and juliet AU

Stutter Something Profound by swagneto
Ryden / R / highschool!AU

We'll Reinvent Love by livinglifeloud
Ryden / NC-17

Peengate '07 by pluginxbaby
Ryden / OneShot / NC-17 / crack
Somehow, pictures of Ryan's peen got leaked on the internet, and he's bound and determined to find out who the hell did it.

Once Upon A Disney Fic by silver_etoile
Ryden / OneShot / PG / disney!AU
Brendon is a maid in his own home with his ugly stepbrothers and evil stepfather, but dreams that one day he will meet the prince and live happily ever after.

They See Me Rollin', They Hatin' by arctic_grey
Brendon Urie mentally turns into a fangirl. Yup.

The Five Times Brendon Took Jon's Advice by hotlikeaxe
Ryden / OneShot / PG-13
The plan is simple: Seduce the Ross.